What is Pi Yao


The Pi Yao is an auspicious creature of good fortune. It is used to overcome bad Feng Shui. The Pi Yao is extremely useful as a remedy for certain flying star problems.

While carrying out renovations if you have offended the Grand Duke Jupiter you are sure to have bad luck immediately. You can place the Pi Yao in the affected corner to reduce the effects of the bad luck caused by disturbing the Grand Duke Jupiter.

The following paragraphs will make this clearer.

Flying Star Feng Shui is a complex but, very very accurate Science which helps to understand the general luck of a house and to enhance it. The general Flying Star chart of a house is made using data like the year of construction of the house and its exact facing direction.

The Flying Star chart of a house is like a horoscope of the house which tells exactly about the. general good luck or bad luck of the house and also reveals the secrets of the lucky and unlucky locations within the house. Apart from this, there is also something called Annual Flying Stars which predict small changes in the luck of the various rooms of a house during each year.

Annual Flying Stars also reveal about the time-taboos for renovation.

Most people are unaware of the fact that if they break or do partial structure-renovations in some part of their house during certain years they tend to disturb a time-taboo, and this causes bad luck, sometimes quite severely!

Time-taboos for renovations are valid only if you renovate a house where you are already living.

These taboos do not apply to the structural renovations which you do in a house, before you actually move into it.

In a nutshell, all these suggest that if you are thinking of a major renovation of a particular room in your house, think again.

Do it only after taking professional advice! Be careful as you might disturb one of the time-taboos for the year and invite bad luck.

One of the major time-taboos is the Grand Duke — Jupiter.

The location of the Grand Duke—Jupiter changes every year.

It only occupies 15° of the compass direction.

Suppose you plan to renovate thoroughly (knocking the walls off, changing the place of doors, etc.)For example the 'South East 3' room of your house in the year 2013.

Then, you will be disturbing the Grand Duke and this can cause bad luck for up to 3 years.

Hence, such a structural renovation is best avoided.

But if you have already done it inadvertently, then, as a remedy you must place a pair of Pi Yao in that room to reduce the effect of disturbing the Grand Duke Jupiter.

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