Bamboo Flutes Bamboo flutes (you’ll need two) are the traditional solution for lifting the energy of a ceiling beam directly over the bed. You can hang one flute vertically on the wall under either each end of the beam, so that the natural growth direction of the wood points up (usually this is with the mouthpiece at the top).

To blow off harmful Chi exerted downward from beams on the ceiling hang a pair of flutes at 45 degrees each at both edges of the beam (mimic the top half of a Bagua shape). This is especially important if your bed or sitting area is under the beams.

For unlevel ceilings which creates oppressing energy at the lower end of the ceiling you can also hang two flutes at 45 degrees each (again mimicing the top half of the Bagua) on the walls directly beneath the edge of the oppressing chi from the ceiling.

To ensure Chi coming in any of your doors is nourished, hang a flute horizontally on top of the door (inside the room).  This is especially useful if your garage directly links to your living room or kitchen.  The bad Chi from your car engine could be detrimental to the Chi that directly enters the doors to your living room or kitchen.  The flute will also provide protection against negative harmful energy such as burglars.


Bamboo Flute Lover said...

I'm from the Philippines and I was amazed with the fact that even a Japanese bamboo flute looks simple in appearance but it is actually very difficult to play. I've read that if plays by the master this Shakuhachi Flute create an amazing, subtle, sensual music - prized as being perfect for meditation and relaxation. It’s beautiful, soulful sound made that best hear when you are taking a good rest or about to sleep. A must have shakuhachi flute!

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