Main Door 

The Main Door Should be Big,Compared to Other Doors in the House.

It Should be Well Lit from Outside and Inside.

Name Plate and Number Plate Should be Fixed.

Fix the Auspicious Signs Above Main Door for Protection.

The Main Door Should Not Face a Pillar,Staircase,Door,Window,Toilet Or Mirror.

The Kitchen Stove Should Not be Seen From the Main Door.

The Main Door Should Open Inside the House.

The Main Door, Windows Should Open / Close Smoothly.

Always Close the Door Slowly. Main Door Should Open into Bright Hall.

Never Sleep between Two Doors.

The Front Of the House Should Not be Blocked by any Tall Building, Tree Or a Pole.

The Front Of the House Should be Spacious.

The Door Should be Kept in Good Condition.

The Front Door Should not Align the Back Door.

Never Keep Photo, Clock Or Calender above any Door.

Always Keep the Main Door Closed.

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