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Color is important in the practice of Feng Shui and is used based on the theory of the five elements wood, fire, water, metal and earth. There are corresponding colors that embody each elements characteristics. In Feng Shui, it is important to note that the use of color is one of the easiest methods of altering the energy in your living space.

Using your Ba-Gua or Feng Shui energy eight-directional map, you can determine which areas of your home correspond with each element. Keep in mind that some parts of the home may be a combination of elements, depending on the direction. However, as long as you stick with the colors of each elements or some variation thereof, you should be fine, Feng Shui-wise.

For a little guidance, read on about the best colors to use in your dcor to create a harmonious flow of positive Chi in your home. And remember, its not just about changing the wall color. You can also employ the proper colors in pillows, drapes, wall art or even carpeting. Here is an abbreviated guide to help you get started on your way to better Feng Shui:

1. The earth element Typically, the southwest and northeast areas of your home will reflect the earth elements characteristics of stability and nourishment. In addition, the center or heart of your home will reflect the earth element, regardless of what room it lies in. Colors that reflect the earth element include light yellow and light brown or beige.

2. The fire element A fire has varying layers of color. For this element, you will see red, orange, shades of pink and purple and vibrant yellow. The southerly direction reflects the fire element and it invokes great passion and great energy. The fire element can also be used in other areas of the home where you are seeking recognition and balance of hyper energy.

3. The water element The ancient Chinese associated water with abundance in life and spirit. Indeed, this element invokes these characteristics but you will also benefit from a revitalizing calm and fresh approach to all things in life. Water is the element of the north, plus you can employ the blue and black colors of this element in other areas of the home where you are seeking purity, simplicity and comfort.

4. The metal element This element helps bring everything into focus. Precise, sharp and efficient these are all qualities associated with the metal element. Metal is the element of the northwest and west and gray or silver and white are the colors that best embody it.

5. The wood element Strength, vitality and health are stem from the wood element. The southeast and eastern areas correspond with the wood element and the best colors that represent it are brown and green. Colors of the wood element encourage healing and also signal abundance which makes this element perfect for promoting prosperity and wealth.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember in terms of Feng Shui is that light is the most important resource you should incorporate. And guess what color is? It is a form of light and therefore is very important to embodying the essence and characteristics of each of these elements not only in your dcor but also in life.

Color is powerful and you will notice that transforming the white walls of your home into something extraordinary based on Feng Shui will forever alter your life as well. These colors are not limited to just the walls either. Carpeting, drapes, pillows, furniture, flowers and art all have the power of changing a space. Choose wisely and you will start to experience great things thanks to Feng Shui!

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