Whatever you have in your home on the walls and in magazines on table tops can affect your emotions and your regular thought patterns.

The Feng Shui of every item plays a part in your life. A good example is a photograph of a time on holidays when you enjoyed a great and happy occasion, and you know you can recall it just with that photo. It's a great trigger for those fond memories.

All the images you hang on your walls and place on tabletops will influence you by triggering thought patterns and thus your mental outlook.

Have a look around your walls and see what's there.

Are you on your own without a relationship and does every painting or image on the wall have single people or single items such as a bird standing alone on the beach? If so, what's happening here is that the image of singles begins to reflect into your life and finding a relationship becomes harder. What you may need is to do an inventory of everything on your walls.

Be sure it's all in keeping with what you want in life and what you want to achieve.

Walk around and see what you have as a predominant theme on the walls.

Anything that's about a state of being or emotions that you want to move away from ought to come down and be stored away. Find new images that inspire you.

Find photographs that are of your happiest times with family or friends. If you want a relationship use images of things in twos. Two plants in a pot for example is two living things sharing the same space.

Make sure that the images on your walls reflect where you want to be now in life not in the lost past and not in memories of your past failures or losses.

Put up your most positive dreams and images you want in life on your walls and along with that, play the sounds in your home that inspire you.

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