Symbolism Feng shui.

The Chinese believe in the symbolism of all things, including animals for a better life for longevity, health and happiness.

The lions, deer, elephants, turtles, horses, frogs and the three important gods placed in your home will ensure
a well balanced life of abundance.

Three lucky gods are Fuk, Luk and Sau.These three gods should be placed in a high position, or position of prominence, in your home or office.

They are of great importance to the Chinese people.

Fuk is the god of wealth and happiness.

Luk is the god of importance and affluence

and Sau is the god of health and longevity.

There are so many things you can use to create more abundance in your life.

Bright lights placed in dark spaces of your home enhance your chances for making more money, especially when placed in the wealth section.

Crystal chandeliers, thriving green plants, fresh flowers, fountains, fish tanks, wind chimes, brass bells and lots of color should be in each and every room in the house, including the kitchen.

Paintings in the kitchen and dining area should be of fruit, flowers and food.

Heavy sculpture pieces and statues produce yang energy, while yin energy can be activated with bright lights and sounds from background music and chimes.

Paintings and pictures that symbolize happiness can be placed in different rooms for a calming effect.

Avoid any kind of art that suggests unhappiness.

Never place a picture with a person's back to you in any room in the house.You will have people leave your life if you have any such pictures.

Paintings should be with more than one person or animal to ensure happiness in your love life.

Single people in paintings suggest being alone.

If you have any paintings like these, replace them with happy and healthy pictures of people or animals.

Turtles are also considered to be lucky, as are frogs.

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My Feng Shui Qualification

I have Graduated As "Master Practitioner" A Course Conducted By Lillian Too's Institute Of Feng Shui At Malaysia (October 2007)

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