The mystic knot is also called the love knot.

It has neither the beginning and nor the end.

t is said to swallow its own tail.

It reflects the Buddhist ideology that existence is an endless cycle of birth and rebirth.

In spiritual tradition, this symbol is very often regarded as a lucky symbol, but at a less than spiritual or earthly level it is regarded as the perfect symbol of never ending love and unity amongst family members.

It also represents a long life uninterrupted by heartbreaks, separations, sufferings or setbacks.

The mystic knot is red in colour and it can be placed in the South West corner of your bedroom.

This enhances the relationship of the couple.

If you are looking at improving the relationship between family members, the mystic knot should be displayed in the South West corner of the living room. if placed in the South West of the office, it ensures harmony between the staff members and the boss. It symbolises that the employees will be loyal and the employer will be more considerate.

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