Importance of Ceiling In Feng Shui Terms

Ceiling themselves are often forgotten and overlooked when it comes to both planning and the implementation of Feng Shui and the very principles of Feng Shui.

Yet ceilings themselves can serve as the "fifth wall" in a room or room settings.

It is said that 50 % of our lives are spent asleep or in our bedrooms.

What about the ceiling or "roof over our heads".

 Ceilings must be an integral component of any planning and follow through when it comes to the very principles of Feng Shui.

If the head was not important why would it be connected to our bodies?

It is the relationships of the ceilings of our abodes and offices to our head that makes all the sway.

Consider ceilings and ceiling structures when looking at the design of your spaces and the arrangement of your furnishings.

What is overhead has as much, if not even more impact than what is ahead of us and our eyes – on our walls. That is why it is most important to check carefully and thoroughly to see if anything on the ceiling or ceiling areas is pointing directly or even passively at our heads.

Watch out for beam, points or arrows and low or slanted ceilings and their structures.

In terms of ceilings and what can be considered "optimal ceiling height" it can be generally said that this will in the range of 10 and 12 feet high. On the other hand do not panic if your ceiling is less than 10 feet high. This is not crucial and may have been chosen for logistical or aesthetic reasons.

However if on the other hand if the ceiling is less than 8 feet high – then you may well find yourself limited in options for your life and in essence "hemmed in".

What color is best for painting your ceilings? You can never go wrong with white – it's neutral and reflects light and energies well.

The colors to watch for and avoid "like a summer storm or hurricane " or storm and rain like colors – the dark blue / purple of an impending summer or fall thunderstorm and water like blue shade colors.

These can bring cloudy and even dismal thoughts, events and processes into your home or office. They can even flavor events and moods in a most dismal way.

These dark colors should especially be avoided if you are planning a banquet or reception or another festive event at meting places or such venues at hotel banquet rooms.

The question often arises – what of slanted ceilings. These can be said to generally not to pose a problem. However there is one case in point. Sleeping and sleeping quarters that are under slanted ceilings are not a wise choice.

It's as if you have a wedge forever pushing down on you and driving discord in your life. If you have no other choice – then have a smooth barrier intervene. It could be a bed drape overhead or even such a simple barrier as hanging bamboo flutes or slats.

In a similar manner ceiling beams can beam our harmful energies. It's as if you have a dagger pointed at you. Damocles sword itself.

Plan not to have seating (including eating) areas under such beams.

They should be reserved mainly for traffic areas – where you move from one part of your home or office to another area.

Similarly it is a very poor choice to have sleeping areas located under these daggers of negative power robbing you of your strength, power and ingenuity as you rest or sleep under them.

If nothing can be done to cover these beams , as in erecting a "false ceiling" , then do your best to arrange so that these beams and especially their points are not directly above the head and facial areas of yourself , your family and your loved ones.

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