The T Is Considered Bad Feng Shui..Why?

Once you have followed and practiced Feng Shui for a while, you will discover all sorts of tricks as well as taboos. One such unmentionable practice is to inhabit or build a home situated at a T-junction. As you may well know, there are certain shapes and angles that are considered bad Feng Shui and will bring you bad luck and possible harm or even progressive illness. The T-junction is one of these no-nos you want to try and avoid.
The reason all has to do with the flow of universal energy also known as Chi.

You want Chi to flow at a leisurely rate, not practically slammed into your space.

With a home located at a T-junction, this shape is likened to a poisonous arrow pointed at your home.

Negative Chi can travel quite fast down the straight-away and basically cross that T and slam right into the home.

This blast of Chi packs quite a destructive punch to the overall flow of energy to the home.

In addition, when this Chi is traveling at an accelerating rate, what happens if something or someone darts in its path? That someone or something bears the brunt of quite an energy blast.

Occupants of the home would absorb that destructive Chi if something does not slow it down.

This negative energy blasting the house located at a T-junction should make sense to you right? Just think of all the bright and shimmering headlights shining into the windows of the house.

And lets also not forget those times when cars may not observe the stop sign at the T-junction due to negligence or drunk driving and just continue barreling straight ahead running into the home.

Add to that the noise pollution from the stream of traffic and the air pollution from the car exhausts.

This all adds up to quite a flow of negative Chi heading straight toward the home.

Homes located in a Y-junction suffer similar fates as those located at the T-junctions.

Again all traffic seems to flow straight ahead to the house until cars have to decide to take the left or right portion of the Y.

If at all possible, avoid purchasing a home located in either junction. You will avoid having to start at a negative Feng Shui point, which you might not be able to totally overcome.

If you are new to Feng Shui and live in a Y or T-junction, there are a few things you can do to lessen the impact of that entire negative Chi slamming into your domicile.

First of all, if your front door directly faces the junction area, see if you cannot use a different door as your main entrance. That way less negativity is invited into your home via the Y or T-junction. A side garage entrance, kitchen entrance or even patio entrance is preferable.

Sometimes, relocating your entrance is not possible. Therefore, you will want to dig out your shovels and start planting hedges, shrubs or trees that can block and absorb the negative energies that are coming at a fast rate from the T-junction.

In addition, you can construct a fence to border your front yard to act as a shield against bad Chi. Solid fences are definitely preferable over wire or chain link fencing. Picket fences are an option because the wood slats are wider and more solid, great for absorbing negativity.

A final line of defense is hanging a Ba-Gua mirror by the front of your home. This is an octagonal shaped mirror that is only used outdoors to deflect bad Chi from the home.

The best position for the mirror is right above the front door, especially if it directly looks down the T-junction. Hanging it on the outer wall of the home is also an option too.

As long as it can deflect the highest level of negative energy possible from that one particular position, the Ba-Gua mirror can be a great line of defense.

If there is a long front porch area facing the street, then you can use more than one mirror.


Anonymous said...

great article, thank you!

Anonymous said...

thank you so much. just wat i needed. an insight into this topic. planning 2 buy a house located at a t-junction. even my parent's opposed. now i knw y.

Anonymous said...

What if the house at the end of the T-junction is at the top of a hill and the house itself is well above street level (so headlights are unable to enter the front of the house? Does the uphill street slow the negative Chi?

Anonymous said...

I am thinking of buying a house at a T junction of a very low traffic street. there is also a very large tree in the front yard. I love the house otherwise, any advice?

Anonymous said...

hi! wonder if you could help me out.

we're planning to put up a restaurant, however the place is situated at a t-junction. the road from left to right is a major highway, and the road facing the location isn't that busy.

you think that's ok, or it's still necessary to take the precautions you suggested?

thanks a bunch!

Jscuasay Cuasay said...

Thank you this tips is very helpfull. We are on real estate business we can apply your tips and suggestion.

rohini pabale said...

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