Overhead Beams and Feng shui.

Overhead beams should not be exposed in any part of the house.

They will stop the flow of good ch'i energy.

When exposed in a home, they bring a feeling of oppression and can stop the flow for money and wealth accumulation.

When the bed where you sleep, or where you sit at work have exposed beams overhead, they can cause ill health, bad luck and business problems.

Sleeping under an exposed beam can cause severe illness.

If your desk is directly under an exposed beam, you will have a difficult time achieving your full potential in the business world.

Ceilings were never meant to have exposed beams.

The best ceiling should have a flat surface and if at all possible,have rounded edges at the corners.

Standing beams protruding from corners can cause problems in any section where they happen to be.

For instance, beams in the marriage corner can foster conflict and divorce, in the wealth corner they cause the loss of money,and in the knowledge corner, lack of education for you or your children.

If you have such large beams (square columns) placed in corners, you can camouflage the edges by putting plants in front of them.

You can cover the sides of the beam with mirrors (except in the bedroom), and flowers will also help the flow of energy.

Hollow wind chimes can also be placed from the ceiling close to the beam, and this will help the flow of energy to pass by the beam.

They are not as effective as the plants or mirrors, but if you cannot do anything else, you can use chimes.

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