A wealth vase is considered to ensure the preservation and continuing growth of the family's wealth.

A wealth vase can be made of porcelain, china or any pottery that you may like.

The shape of the vase should be such that it has a wide mouth, a narrow neck, a fat body and stable flat base.

If possible,the vase should have auspicious symbols like the Double Carp fish,dragon,phoenix on it.

Fill up the vase up to the brim with the following objects and keep it hidden from general view :

*Seven types of semi-precious stones like crystals, Ideal Wealth Vase pearls, corals, jasper, lapis, cornelian, quartz, aquamarine, topaz, citrine, amethyst, tiger eye, etc.

*A little soil from a rich man's house.You should ask for it and not steal it. Soil that is given to you is very lucky for you.

*3, 6, or 9 Chinese coins with red thread.

*A red packet filled with real money preferably a big denomination.

*5 types of nourishing edibles, to signify plenty of food to eat at all times. This can be wheat, dates, barley, millet, soyabeans, red beans, sorghum. Place it in a small plastic bag and then into the wealth vase. These can be put directly without the plastic bag also.

You can place the wealth vase inside a cupboard, in your bedroom or living room, But it should be kept hidden from open view.

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