The dragon and the phoenix are two very powerful and important symbols of Chinese mythology.

The dragon represents male vigor and fertility, whereas the phoenix represents female beauty.

The dragon is considered to be very yang and brings in prosperity.

Individually, the phoenix is a yang symbol but in the presence of the dragon it becomes yin.

The dragon and the phoenix together in a home symbolize a successful marriage, a great deal of prosperity and many offspring's.

The union of these two wonderful creatures suggests a strong bonding between the couple in a marriage.

It also brings in a lot of money and descendants' luck.

The dragon represents the Patriarch whereas the phoenix represents the Matriarch.

The model of the dragon and phoenix together can be placed in the North-West sector to enhance the Patriarch's luck.

If placed in the South-West area it enhances the luck of the matriarch and is a very good symbol for energizing relationships.

The dragon and phoenix in the East improves the health of the family members.

And when placed in the South it brings opportunities and recognition.

Thus there are many places where you can keep this excellent symbol of good fortune, according to your personal requirement.

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