Lovebirds for Romance

Lovebirds for Romance

According to Western tradition, love birds are considered as one of the main symbols of love, romance and fidelity.

Whereas in Chinese culture mandarin ducks are symbolic of love and romance in young couples.

These ducks can be placed in the South-west corner of the house or South-west corner of the bedroom, since South-west is the area for relationships and romance.

This enhances your love life. If you are single, and looking forward to getting married, you can hang a painting of these ducks or place a pair of ducks in your bedroom.

But please make sure that you put a pair, not one or three, since one implies that you will remain single, and three implies, that there could be the entry of a third person in the marriage.

If you want to attract the opposite sex, then make sure that you place a male and a female duck in a pair.

Not two males or two females.

Love Birds 

The love birds are as effective as the mandarin ducks.The birds can also be displayed as a painting or a picture.

Do not display birds in cages as this is bad Karma or bad Feng Shui.The caged bird symbolizes the inability to fly or lack of ambition.

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