Chinese Coins


Hanging coins on the door handles is an excellent way to bring money luck into your home.

You can hang three old Chinese coins, tied with a red thread or a ribbon on the door handle.This benefits all the members of the house.

The coins should be hung on the inside of the door and not outside.

Please do not go to the extreme and hang coins on each and every door of your house.Hanging coins on the main door is enough.

The use of Chinese coins to activate money luck is very effective.

You can take three Chinese coins tied with a red thread and keep them in your purse or wallet. It symbolizes a continuous source of income for an individual.

You can use three coins rather than four or five, since the number three itself is very auspicious.

These coins given as gifts to someone is wonderful.

To energize the money flow these coins can be pasted on the front cover of account books bill books or other books registering cash dealings.

The coins can even be placed in the cash box in shops and at home.

When pasting these coins on account book covers or on the inside of doors, always paste them.with the yang side up, i.e. the side which has 4 Chinese characters written, should be above and visible and the other side with the two characters should be below.

Another important use of coins is as a cure for certain Flying Star afflictions.The location in the house having star formations 3-2 and 2-3, which is called the bull fight sha, as the name suggests results in arguments and fights. The coins are used as a remedy for this defect. Ascertaining if such a combination of Flying Stars is present in your house and pinpointing its location, is beyond the scope of a book or an article like this and forms the part of a professional and detailed Feng Shin audit.

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