Three-legged Frog 

The three-legged frog/toad is considered very lucky. It usually has one or three coins in its mouth. The position of the three-legged toad is important. It is best to place it somewhere near your main door discreetly on the floor or on a low shelf. It need not be seen.

It can even be placed behind a couch near the main door. I personally advise to place it near the main door, on the inside, with the toad looking inwards, symbolizing money corning in.

Some people advise that every morning when the breadwinner goes out to work he should take the coin from the toad's mouth and put it in his pocket and place the toad looking at the door, i.e. symbolically following him, helping him to earn money and when he returns home from work, he should place the coin back in the toad's mouth and place the toad near the main door looking inwards, i.e. bringing in wealth all night.

This means that if you want to use the toad this way you have to reposition it every day and every night. This method of using the three-legged toad is also quite alright, provided you don't mind the botheration of repositioning it twice daily!

I personally find this method quite bothersome hence, I use the first method. It's your choice to follow whichever method you like.

The important thing to remember is never to place the toads in the bedrooms, toilets, or the kitchen. Another important thing to remember is to clean the toad with a soft cloth periodically, so that dirt and dust do not accumulate upon the toad or on the coin in its mouth.

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