Guan ti

Guan ti  is known by many names such as Kuan Kung,

kwan ti,kuan gong,guan gong,kwan kung,Kuan ti etc

The Chinese consider Kuan Kung as the God of War and also a God of Wealth.

By placing the image of Kuan Kung in the house you are inviting powerful energies to protect your house.

Kuan Kung is shown as sitting or standing or on horseback.

But make sure that his staff and his sword are in place and you do not lose them since these are his two main weapons.

Kuan Kung is symbolic of peace and harmony in the house.

It provides protection for the Patriarch and brings prosperity for all.

In a home, the Kuan Kung should be placed in the North-West corner and it should face the main door.

The Kuan Kung should be placed high up as if he is watching the door.

In an office, you can display the Kuan Kung behind you. This symbolizes that you always have powerful people, behind you.

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