The Dragon Turtle is a Chinese legendary symbol.  

It is a combination of the dragon and the tortoise which are two of the four most important creatures of Chinese symbolism.   

The image of a Dragon turtle is such that it has the head of a dragon and the body of a turtle sitting on a bed of coins and ingots. It has a coin in its mouth and a baby tortoise on its back. It is an imaginary animal and the Chinese people use this symbol to enhance their houses aid offices.  

 The tortoise symbolizes longevity whereas the dragon symbolizes success, courage and determination. It shows that the turtle has transformed into a dragon, which is indicative of good fortune in a person's career and business.   

The base on which the dragon turtle sits is made up of coins and ingots, which in turn represents abundant wealth and prosperity. 

The coin in its mouth signifies increased money flow.   

There is a small baby tortoise on its back which is symbolic of excellent descendants luck which generally means many sons!   You can place the dragon turtle either in the North or the East sector of your home.   

But in an office if these two sectors fall directly in front of your seat, you should not place the dragon turtle there.   Try and place it by your side, i.e. parallel to where you sit.   

Another location to place the dragon turtle is right behind your seat but looking sideways.   

This signifies that you are getting the support of both the dragon and the turtle!   

Take care not to put this powerful symbol directly in front of you as it could invite many problems.

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