The correct combination of furniture, wall paintings, art objects and extra decorative items is essential when it comes to the room we spend most of our lives in: the bedroom.

Therefore, bedroom feng shui applications provide us with the tools necessary to create a place where the stress of work and the problems of the day are left out.

Romance, good night rest and great relaxation, this is what bedroom feng shui aims at in terms of immediate accomplishments. In order to understand the importance of harmonious arrangements, simply think of how depressing and unwelcoming, an untidy, dark bedroom looks like.

Start applying the bedroom feng shui rules from the doorway.

Don't place any item of furniture behind the door as it may prevent its opening course; when the door opens, it needs to make a 90 degree-angle at least.

Anything below this value is restrictive and considered to limit the opportunities that may appear in your life. Some feng shui practitioners also suggest that you place some nice object to lay eyes one just as you enter the bedroom: this could be a painting, a picture, an interesting piece of furniture, or anything else that causes a positive response.

For decorating the bedroom feng shui art stresses only the use of relaxing colors with the particular avoidance of reds and golds.

Then, the placement of the bed is also dictated by some very serious considerations: thus, when in bed, you need to feel comfortable but in command at the same time.

This can be achieved by placing the bed in such a way so that you may see the door; however, avoid the alignment of your feet with the door, since this is the ancient Chinese "death position".

Then, another rule says there should be no sharp corners facing you in the bedroom, feng shui calls such situations "poison arrows".

"Avoid clutter" is another bedroom feng shui command. It is preferable that you don't bring work things in the bedroom such as books, documents or even the computer.

The presence of too many objects cluttered in wardrobe or drawers tends to overcloud your thinking, preventing you from being organized in other life sectors.

If you feel depressed or lethargic in the morning, have a look around and see what it is that bothers you in the bedroom.

Feng shui could then provide you much more easily with a solution, if you also use your personal sensitivity to identify the source of disharmony.

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