What's Your Lucky Direction?

The Four Auspicious Directions

Sheng Chi is the direction for attracting prosperity, wealth and fame into your life.

Tien Yi is the direction for improving your health and bring longevity.

Yen Nien is the direction for enhancing family relationships.

Fu Wei is the direction for achieving self-actualization and inner peace.

The Four Inauspicious Directions

Ho Hai is the direction that leads to frustration and financial loss.

Wu Kwei is the direction that leads to loss of income/employment and burglaries.

Lui Sha is the direction that leads to illnesses, accidents, and legal entanglements.

Chueh Ming is the most fatal direction. It leads to bankruptcies and fatal illnesses.

Your Auspicious and Inauspicious Directions

Based on your Kua number, refer to the table to find out your four auspicious directions and four inauspicious directions.

Using Your Auspicious Directions

Now that you've determined your auspicious directions, you'll need to do three things:

1. Check the placement of your bed and make sure that your head is pointing to one of your auspicious directions when you're sleeping.

2. When you're taking meals on your dining table, you should sit where you're facing one of your auspicious directions.

3. Check the placement of your work desk in your office (and/or your workstation at home) and make sure you're seated facing one of your auspicious directions.

Try it today!

Note:To know your Kua no please refer my previous blog.


Anonymous said...

It is very informative. What happens if a person belongs to let's say, East Group but living in a house belongs to West Group? Should the person occupy sectors lucky to his East Group kua or follow the sectors that are lucky in the West Group House? Thanks.

Anonymous said...


My colleagues and I are all facing inauspicious directions at work. Unfortunately, there are no ways of altering our seatings. Are there ways to overcome this?



Anonymous said...

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