Dealing With People That Have Bad Chi

If you have been feeling victimized, if someone has been making your life miserable by politicking against you, speaking bad about you, spreading lies about you and generally causing you grief and you are being affected by it, then their bad chi has definitely pierced through your aura.
When this happens and you don't do something about it, the result is you begin to feel worse and worse, and soon you will descend into a horrible spiral of feeling miserable and sorry for yourself. ..It is important that you recognize this.

Those familiar with this syndrome will probably advise you to "ignore" this kind of aggressive and insinuous attack against you, but of course easier said then done, especially when you do not yet have the experience and maturity needed to cope. Yet it is vital that you do not allow yourself to get into a downward spiral of misery. Otherwise the situation will succeed in pulling you down. So when you feel this happening, here are 2 excellent ways to deal with the situation.

(1) Get two ripe and juicy lime fruits.

It is best to pluck them directly off a plant if you have one.

If not, you can look for this lime in the market.

There are 2 varieties – the smooth limes that resemble miniature oranges and are about the size of a 20 cents coin OR they are the mottled more fragrant variety. Both are suitable.

Bring them home and do not wash them.

Hold one each in the palm of your hands and roll them in your palms while thinking, "all the bad vibes, gossip and bad intentions of this person (if you know his/her name say it silently to yourself) is flowing into the lime, keep rubbing the lime in the palm of your hands for about 10 minutes, then go to a big drain or better yet a river and throw both limes over your right and left shoulders into the drain or river, and DO NOT look back.

Just think that you have successfully removed all the bad chi, bad luck and bad intentions from your body and mind. ..Return home and have a salt bath.

You will find that whoever it is who has been giving you a hard time will cease to have any more effect on you.

This is also an excellent way to reduce the pain of losing a loved one and to get through a particularly bad luck month. The lime is believed to have the power to symbolically draw out all the negatives from your aura. ..

(2) Another really effective way is to think of whoever is causing you grief and visualize that person getting smaller and smaller.

Then open up your right palm in front of your face about 8 inches from your mouth.

Imagine this person standing about 3 inches tall on your palm, then with a smile blow hard on your palm, and as you blow, imagine that your enemy is sent into the cosmos where he/she no longer has any power to hurt you.

This is an excellent way to reduce and even completely remove all the negatives associated with that person in your mind. ..The important thing to understand about these cures is that while you cannot do anything about what people say about you, you are in control of your own reaction towards them.

Sometimes it is our own mind that blows things out of proportion so we end up getting hurt by our own perceptions.

By using the above 2 cures – the first a ritual and the second a visualization, anyone can significantly reduce the impact on one's own mind.

The result is that you become a happier person.

With practice, you will find that the negative people you are bound to encounter in life will soon have lost their power to disturb your mind.

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Anonymous said...

very much like your ideas, thanks.

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