Activate your Children's Corner - West

If it is possible, your children's bedrooms should be placed in this area of the house. Displaying healthy, happy pictures of the children, their friends and family in this area is also important.

Children need to feel secure, and having pictures of the family helps to increase their feeling of security.

This is one area where the metal element rules.Put anything metal to help active the children's mental ability.

Metal includes electronic equipment like computers.

Be sure to add bright color to the children's rooms, as this also helps with their growth.

Color plays an important role in all our lives, but especially children's.

Most people are not aware of how important color is in helping children feel well adjusted and happy.

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Elegant Ground Water Features said...

I decorated my kids' rooms with feng shui water features because it helps them sleep better plus I heard they attract good luck.

My Feng Shui Qualification

I have Graduated As "Master Practitioner" A Course Conducted By Lillian Too's Institute Of Feng Shui At Malaysia (October 2007)

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