Crystal Balls for Good Relationships and Romance

The South-west corner of the house is connected to love, romance and relationships.

This area has the earth element.

The best way to energies this area is with the use of two genuine natural quartz crystals.

The activation of the South-west corner of your bedroom with real crystals, ensures great harmony and happiness in relationships with loved ones.

If this is done in the living room, relationships within the whole family get enhanced.

The genuine quartz crystals,are to be purified.They should be kept in salt water, for at least one week to remove any negative energies attached to them.

The real quartz crystals are especially effective, because they can be programmed with thought forms.

The procedure is as follows:  

Immerse each crystal ball, in a glass of water with four spoons of unrefined sea salt.

After purification for a week in salt water, wash the crystal in flowing tap water and keep it on a ceramic saucer, out, in early morning sunlight for three hours.

During this time practice forming a picture in your mind, that your whole family is together happy,smiling enjoying together.

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