Yin And Yang.

Feng Shuis Hypothesis of Yin and Yang To understand how the yin and yang theory applies to Feng Shui principles, you have to understand how the theory came into being to begin with.

Basically, you start with values and beliefs of the ancient Chinese people. They believed that everything from the planet to the stars to the human body were all a part of one overall system.

In recognizing that there was only one system in which everything existed, there was no superior entity. Each part depended on one another to exist in order to maintain a harmony in life itself. There were no opposing sides as everyone had to depend on one another to survive and co-exist.

However, the Chinese soon began to believe that there was a difference between the earth and the heavens above just as there were differences between men and women and day and night.

In fact, the theory of yin and yang sprang from the awareness that while the relationships between nature, people and other things were definitely separate entities, they also had a symbiotic relationship; without one, there was no other.

Therefore, the symbol of the black and white symbol encircling one another was created and started representing the idea that there is always give and take in any relationship in order to maintain harmony in existence.

Translating the yin and yang theory to Feng Shui, all things in the universe are comprised of two divergent, yet interconnecting energies the yin and the yang. The yin is viewed as the feminine force while the yang in considered a masculine force. These two opposing energies constant play against each other and create life and energy around everyone.

In order to understand how the yin and yang theory applies to Feng Shui, read on how these two interconnecting energies come into play when applied to your every day life:

Yin This feminine force is also known as a passive energy. There are many forms of passive energy such as a quiet stillness, darkness and slow physical movements like some martial arts use to get in touch with ones self. When you have to relax or go to sleep to recharge your inner batteries, this is when yin is predominant.

Yang This masculine force is also known as active energy. While you are awake doing something constructive or active, yang is predominant. The bustling energy of lights and sounds you might experience in a busy place is characterized by yang.

Just like two halves of a whole, yin cannot exist without yang and vice versa. Just picture night without day or staying awake without the rest or sleep you need. Each of these examples cannot exist solo and must have the other, a type of symbiotic relationship.

Therefore, that is why you always see the yin and yang represented by the black and white circle two comma shapes, one black and one white, interlocked to create that whole circle of energy.

In Feng Shui, the goal is having a harmonious flow of energy throughout your home. Well, according to the yin-yang theory, if there is more passive energy than active energy in a room or vice versa, this creates a discord in the balance of energy.

Different decorating techniques are employed to re-tip the energy scales into balance. This balance is achieved through the use of a Ba-Gua (an eight directional map) and a Feng Shui compass.

Based on the direction and more in-depth reading of the compass, you can use certain Feng Shui techniques such as the use of color, textures, plants and other things to achieve a pleasing balance of energy, thereby keeping in line with the yin and yang theory.

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